Founded in 2003, ADA Textile Recycling is a family business that is specialized in sorting and revaluing various grades of used textile. By processing 20 tons of raw material every day, we are commited to deliver an end product with a superior quality.

While doing so, our mission is to contribute to a sustainable world and business, by ensuring that each product reaches the right destination.

To get the job done right, our team puts a great amount of effort in our sorting process.
With nearly 20 years of experience on the market, we are known for the continuous quality we deliver.

Our experience is also reflectable in our specially trained team that manages to maintain the continuity in our quality.

Our sorting process

ADA Textile Recycling uses a quite traditional, manual sorting process. Our building consists of two compartments. Located on one side our storagewarehouse, where we receive our deliveries.

The deliveries are emptied in cages where as residual waste is separated immediately.

In our sorting hall, the delivered products are first sorted by category by our Pre-sorting team. Subsequently, a large part of our team ensures the fine grading.

At this stage the textile is valued for usability and quality levels. Based on the markets demand, the products are packed in small bags, either filled in big bags, or pressed into small or large bales.

At the final stage of our sorting process, the collected goods are sorted into 250 end products.

Our core values

Packaging & Loading

As mentioned above, our packaging consist of small polyprop bags, big bags, small bales and big bales, depending on the quality of our products and our customers wishes.

After completing the packaging process, the goods are beeing prepared for loading in our warehouse.

After the loading is complete, our goods are ready to extend their lifecycle.

Since 2003, we are internationally active in different markets located in Africa, Poland, Hungary, Moldovia, Bulgaria, Spain, Pakistan and more, doing what we are good at, which is revaluing textile and giving it a second life.

Interested in our company?

If you are interested in our products or would like information, do not hesitate to contact us.