Since the start of our company, we distinguish ourselves by providing our customers with high-quality products and an excellent service. For nearly 20 years, we are known for the continuous quality we deliver.

To maintain this, we ensure that the quality of our sorting is being checked physically every day. Thus we find it crucial because not all purchased textiles are usable.

Our sorted products can be divided into the five categories


Wearable clothing with superior quality packed in bags.


Hardly worn and worn clothing which holds an overall good quality. These clothing are pressed in bales or packed in big bags.


Consists of almost non-usable textile or fabrics. These products are fiberized or reused in other industries.


Our range for shoes differs from wearable mixes such as crème quality, nr. 1, winter shoes and non-wearable shoes mix.


Passion for vintage clothing never ends. We sort a wide variety to meet the demand.