Did you know that an average of 10,000 liters of water is used to grow a kilogram of cotton? And that the total greenhouse gas emissions in the textile industry is 1.2 billion tons per year? All the more reasons to become more aware of thrown away textile that ends up in waste.

From the start, we committed ourselves to contribute to a circular economy. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, our main focus is to extend the life-cycle of our products and to reduce pollution. By doing so we ensure 4.5 million kilogram less waste every year.

To achieve this goal world wide, we cooperate with certified partners which consists of collectors, retailers and recyclers. We believe that sustainable business is best achieved if we do it together, because used textile deserves a second life!


ADA Textile Recycling is KIWA certified and a member of the Dutch association for textile recycling. Because we are an official dealer in waste, we are also registered in the list of a Dutch organization called the VIHB which stands for collectors, transporters, dealers and brokers of waste. This list is managed by NIWO.